Affordable Storage and Workspace

$465 - $505 / Month

Ideal for contractors and tradesmen needing space for storage, work and charging for tools.

Key Features

240 sq/ft (8'x30'x9')

50 amp electrical

110 volt outlets

AC & Ventilation

24/7/365 Access


Remote Monitoring

Workspace + Storage in Leland

Our units offer ample space, customizable layouts, and robust construction, ensuring a productive environment to carry out your projects efficiently.

Ideal For Contractors Needing Storage and Workspace

Securely store your tools, equipment, and materials.

Run your power tools and take care tasks needed for everyday business.

Affordable space for:

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Conveniently Located

Our facility offers quick and easy access to Highway 17 and Lowes Hardware in Leland NC

We are located at 9550 Ploof Road. A 5-minute drive from both Lowes and Walmart. Our proximity to hardware and general suppliers makes our workshop and storage spaces ideal for you if you want to streamline your operations and optimize your efficiency.