Our Story

The RV Storage Problem


Most RV facilities either don’t have power or they only allow use. This leads to vehicles sitting which creates more humidity and temperature variation. The result of this the RV has more wear and tear and loses value faster. You see this in the form of warping of doors, mold spots on upholstery, electrical issues and a host of other problems. 

Many of the Issues Liz Highlights on her YouTube Channel are preventable with better RV storage. WATCH

Our Solution for RV's

Powered Parking Spaces

Our facility has power at every parking spot. Not just 20 AMP, but 30 and 50 AMP.  This means you can keep your RV circuits hot and some climate control running which means the interior is mold free and prevents heat damage. 

Making It Better for Everyone

Boat’s, Business Vehicles, Tractor Trailers

The first think you learn is having an amazing facility is not limited to RV’s, in fact lots of people need it. Food Trucks, Business Trucks and a host of non-RV vehicles need all the same thing that RV’s need.  Power, Protection, Unlimited Access and Caring Oversight. 

Our Innovation, Your Benefit

Entry and monitoring app for powered storage and parking facility

24/7/365 Customer Service and Facility Access.

We cover different time zones making it easy to reach a facility manager at all hours of the day. RV’s are expensive and they are an investment so you need to know it’s safe, well looked after and happy. It is effective just like one of your children.  Would you leave them alone  in an empty lot. 

Customer Centric Integrated Phone App

Automated entry, monitoring, and communications giving a seamless luxury customer experience. Imagine knowing exactly the temperature and humidity is in your RV while in storage. Also being able to see views of the facility, monitor your power, or chat with our staff. 

Best In Breed Global Technology

The camera technology is from Sweden, the locking technology is from Austria, and the mobile phone app is from Brazil. Our sensors are from the oil industry in Canada. We program our own solutions, so the user experience is fully integrated. Our DNA is in high security having worked on projects for the oil industry, prison yards, and train lines. We got your RV covered. 

Specialty Hardware We Designed

When you park your vehicle there is that moment when you think ‘oh darn, I need to leave these keys for…” and then your stuck either driving home, hiding them under mats, or in wheels wells. We saw this gap and we integrated into our app a physical tenant ‘mailbox’ for each parking spot. This is ONLY accessible by the app on your phone, and it gives you the ability to securely transfer assets like keys, keyfobs, or whatever you need for another party who might come to get in  or check on your vehicle. 

About The Founders

The owners envisioned creating a storage facility with 24-hour remote support, surveillance, and automated entry using a range of convenient methods including automated license plate recognition and an integrated application. 

Their backgrounds span engineering, banking, and customer experience design. They didn’t take a view on what other facilities were doing, they created something unique from the ground up.  Nothing is industry standard, its better, more innovative, and will hopefully drive the storage industry to innovate and offer a better customer experience.